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Here at the Department of Neurosurgery, patients are our primary focus. It is our mission to provide you and your family with expert, state of the art and compassionate care. We provide diagnosis, treatment and recovery and walk you through the whole process with informative, comforting guidance.

To bring you the full spectrum of care, we treat a variety of brain, skull, spine and nerve conditions. Each of our physicians is skilled in general neurosurgery and trained in a specific specialty. And thanks to our department's strong focus on research and education, our doctors remain well informed of the latest neuroscience advances, techniques, and technologies available for patients. 



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Erica Salazar answers questions about the Craniosynostosis clinic

Neurosurgery Admin

 |  Sunday Jun 19, 2016 | Share This Item

We recently spoke to one of our nurses, Erica Salazar, RN, MSN, FNB-BC, and asked her some questions about the Craniosynostosis clinic:

What can families expect when they come to the Craniosynostosis clinic?

"We will hold your hand as we diagnose your child. We will talk to you about all possible options. We will be there every step of the way from surgery to post op. You will most likely only have to travel to the clinic four times in the first year for treatment.”

What has been the most rewarding part of working in the Craniosynostosis clinic?

“It is always heart-warming to go back and look at the original pictures of our cranio patients. I remember all the anxieties the parents had. It is very rewarding to look at all the progress the patients have made; I love seeing how grateful and happy the whole family is that they made the decision to come here. I just love seeing every patient’s success story.”

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Patient Testimonials

For over a year, I was tormented with pain in my right jaw, it was intermittent, lasting a few seconds but occurring sometimes as often as six times per minute.  The pain was sudden and felt like the dentist’s drill during a root canal procedure.  These shock-like stabs of pain were accompanied by a burning on the tip and right side of my tongue.  As if this wasn’t enough, my jaw had a constant ache (like a bad headache).

~ Betty

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